7 Tombs of Religious Tourism in Sambas. As we know that the tomb is a building that can be considered as one type of monument or a large grave and

Tomb Tok Tok Beard

7 Tombs of Religious Tourism in Sambas
7 Tombs of Religious Tourism in Sambas. As we know that the tomb is a building that can be considered as one type of monument or a large grave and is usually established for great leaders, the people who knowledgeable. Ordinarily also, the grave is another word for the grave, the place where one resides after he dies. Among the historic heritage in the Malay region with the existence of a Muslim cemetery observed by the local population.

The seven graves of religious tourism in Sambas are:
1. Tomb of the Sambas Sultanate
The Sambas Sultanate is a sultanate located in the northern coastal area of ​​West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia or the northwestern region of Kalimantan Island with its administrative center is in Sambas City now. The tomb of the Sambas Sultanate is located in the village of In Sambas, precisely at the edge of the Sambas highway (In Kaum).
2. Tomb of Dare Nandung Bujang Nadi
Dare Nandung and Bujang Nadi are two sisters, they are buried dead
alive by his own father (Tan Unggal) for slander. They were buried at the top of a hill. Now the tomb has been renovated to be very interesting and at ease if we jiarah to the tomb.
3. Tomb of Sambas Heroes
Tomb of hero sambas is located in Sungai Pinang Sambas District. In the tomb of this hero sambas there are 25 people heroes of freedom sambas who have memjauangkan or defend NKRI from Dutch or Japanese invaders.
4. Tomb of the Queen of Sepudak
The Tomb of Queen Sepudak is located in the Old Town of Galing District. It is estimated from the center of Sambas City 20 km. Tomb of Queen Sepuda found in the Old Town from the highway, estimated 800 meters into the path conditions.
5. The sacred tomb of Bantelan
The sacred tomb of Bantelan is located in Sajat District, precisely in the village of Kuayan tida far from Dusun Masemat. Distance from Sambas to the Tomb of Keramat Bantelah seitar 40 minutes using a motorcycle with a very adequate road conditions. To go to the Tomb of Kerelan Bantelan can also be through the river by using a motor bangkung.
6. Tomb of Tok Kullup
Tomb Tok Kullup is located in Bukit Piantus Sejangkung Village Sejangkung District. To get there we pass the path along the river Kartiasa. Tok Kulup is a highly respected influential figure in his era (the era of the Sambas Sultanate). Datok Kulub is also a valiant and mighty again magic mandraguna.
7. Tomb Tok Tok Beard
Tomb Tok Tok is located in the Village Pusaka Dusun Sekadim Tebas District. Tok Beard has the original name of "H. Bujang Mansur Akhmad ". He is besides the magic he is also a hero veteran Sambas. He comes from the descendants of Banjar.

Well, that's the 7 graves of religious tourism in Sambas, many people are pilgrimage to it, apart from the Palace of Sambas Sultanate.

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