7 New Leaders of Sambas Regent, now village officers are again busy registering the community or residents who will menyeblos prospective regent

7 New Leaders of Sambas Regent
Sugianto, S.Pd.I

7 New Leaders of Sambas Regent
7 New Leaders of Sambas Regent, now village officers are again busy registering the community or residents who will menyeblos prospective regent later in month Dessember. For West Kalimantan there are seven districts that will simultaneously conduct PILKADA, one of them dalah Sambas District. Sambas District has three pairs of CaBup this year, namely H. Atbah Romin, Lc, with his partner Hj. Hairiah, SH. MH, then Hj. Juliarti Djuhardi Alwi, M.Ph., with Ir. H. Hasanusi, M.M, after that Tony Kurniadi, ST, M.Si., and her beautiful mate H. Eka Nurhayati, SE. Those are the candidates of Sambas Regent, then what about Sugianto, S.Pd.I? he did not find his partner, who was suitable to accompany him in order to lead Sambas 5 years in the future.

The seven candidates for the new leader of Sambas Regent are:
1. H. Atbah Romin, Lc
a. Full Name: H. Atbah Romin, Lc
b. Place of birth: Sajad, January 20, 1970
c. NIK: 31740320011700001
d. Age: 45 years
e. Residential Address: Jl. Bangka II, Ex. Pela Mampang, Kec.
                                                         Mampang, South Jakarta
f. Email: utbahrs @ yahoo.co.id / utbahrs @ gmail.com
g. Male gender
h. Marital Status: Married
i. Islam
2. Hj. Hairiah, SH. MH
As a candidate for the Regional Representative Council (DPD) RI, this woman received the support of many parties, including from someone who was convicted in a trafficking case.
3. Hj. Juliarti Djuhardi Alwi, M.Ph
Juliarti Djuhardi Alwi (born in Sambas dated October 14, 1960) is the Regent of Sambas since 2011. Previously, he occupied the position of Vice Regent of Sambas accompanying Ir. Burhanuddin A. Rasyid from 2016 to 2011. He is the first vice regent and bupati in West Kalimantan.
4. Ir. H. Hasanusi, M.M
Full Name Ir. H. Hasanusi, MM Place / Date of Birth Sambas, December 21, 1961, NIK 6171032112610004, Age 54 years, Residential Address: Jalan Bersama Gang Bersama 1A, Jawi River Village In Pontianak Barat Sub District, Email: ................ NPWP 49.606.805.7-702.000. Hobbies: Sports, Motto of Life: "Fighting / Working Unknowingly Iklas Accepting Reality".
5. Tony Kurniadi, ST, M.Si
b. TTL: Pemangkat, 08 April 1974
c. Address: Jl.Banjar Pesisir No.04. Pemangkat, Kab. Sambas
d. Islam
e. Ethnicity: Malay
f. Job: Board Member
i. No.Contact: HP. 0812 57 09517
6. H. Eka Nurhayati, SE
b. Place, Date of Birth: Sambas, October 8, 1980
d. Last Education: S1
7. Sugianto, S.Pd.I
a. Name: Sugianto, S.Pd.I
b. TTL: Sekadim, April 29, 1978
c. Address: Jl.Pramuka, Rt. 12 / Rw. 04, Ex. Bukit Batu Singkawang
d. Islam
e. Ethnicity: Malay
f. Job: Director CV. Firman Singkawang
g. Note: Sugianto, S.Pd.I is a member of Sambas Regency PPDI for 2010-2012 Bag. Religious. Got a complete duity from disable people throughout Sambas scattered in Sambas.
Work Program from Sugianto, S.Pd.I this is:
1. Expanding Sambas District into 2 or 3 districts
2. Build a bridge from Tebas or from Mensere to the other side (Segarau or Sabaran), which must have a bridge to the other side.
3. Build Maternity Hospital specifically for maternity only.
4. Giving scholarships to students to become Doctors, (achievement and poor duties).
5. Build a hospital anywhere, for example in Sentebang or in Nyrih (which is important on the other side, because on the other side it is the same with the island).
6. Include special Sambas Moluk lessons for elementary, junior and senior high school students.
7. Providing support for school buildings that are local deficient in all Sambas District.
Well, that's the 7 new leaders of the Sambas district head who have run for Calaas Regent of Sambas. However, "Sugianto, S.Pd.I merely meets the author's notes to come forward insha Allah".

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