7 Mystical Mountain in Sambas that must be known by the students today, especially elementary school students or junior high school. And maybe even

7 The Mystical Mountain in Sambas
Elephant Mountain (Pemangkat)

7 The Mystical Mountain in Sambas
7 Mystical Mountain in Sambas that must be known by the students today, especially elementary school students or junior high school. And maybe even high school kids do not know it. Here the author tries to serve an article entitled "7 Mystical Mountain in Sambas" with very simple once. Mount or hill in Sambas quite a lot, here the author only talk about 7 hills or mountains only.

Below are the 7 Mystical Mountains in Sambas:

1. Elephant Mountain (Pemangkat)
City Pemangkat has a unique mountain, usually the mountain is called Mount Gajah. Why is it called a "elephant mountain?" Because of its elephant-like shape lying or sitting it, the end of the trunk reaches the rock headland. For those of you who come to Pemangkat, it is unlawful not to visit the top of Mount Gajah. Because the peak of this mountain is not less beautiful with Sari mountain in Singkawang. The mysticism of this mountain is "it is said that this elephant mountain is a giant elephant cursed by the gods"
2. Mount Selindung (Salatiga)
Mount Selindung located in Selakau District (formerly) now Salatiga District Sambas Regency surrounded by sea. In the mountain there is a beautiful waterfall. The mysticism of this mountain "is said to be in this waterfall formerly bathing place of seven daughters (nymphs) from heaven or heaven to bathe there when the rain falls". Gunung Selun Waterfall is a natural tourist attraction with a steep mountain topography and climbing nature.
3. Peluang Mountain (Tebas)
Mount Pelanjau is located in Pelanjau Village Tebas District. Once upon a time in this mountain settled a small family named Nek Jage. The mysticism of this mountain is the existence of the Nek Jage stones in the middle of the River Sebalam is the incarnation of the Nek Jage.
4. Mount Senujuh (Paloh)
Mount Senujuh is located in Sejangkung Subdistrict, Sambas District.
The extent of 585.90 hectares with a length of 12,628, 50 meters flanked by three tributaries, namely Sambas River, Senujuh, and Perigi Piai. Emistikan from this seventh mountain is this mountain is guarded or the incarnation of the 7 princesses against the duate of Sekadim to create a mountain.
5. Gunung Puteri Serai (Jawai)
The beauty of the rocks of Mount Puteri Serayi and the stretch of white sand. Pantai Putri Serayi is one of tourism object in Sambas Regency. Kemistikan from Mount Puteri Serayi this "supposedly digunung this life Puteri Serayi until now who controlled the mountain and the surrounding area is Serayi Beach.
6. Mount Sebatok (Sebawi)
Mount Sebatok is a large rock that comes from the village of Sebatok. While in the west stands with sturdy Mount Puteri Serai. Its mysticism is based on the folklore of the stones of Mount Sebatuk collapsed into the River which was defeated by Senju Mountain past time.
7. Mount Mungguk Pig (Sebawi)
Mount or Bukit Mungguk Babi is located in the village of Sempalai approximately 4000 km from the highway Sempalai. It is said that in Mungguk Pig there are giant pigs that often show his form during the rain or hot-ahead of time, for example afternoon-afternoon before sunset, or during the day. Many people have seen the form of the pig duate.

Well, that's 7 mountains or hills that have mystic in Sambas Regency, and many more hills or mountains in Sambas that have a strange story. Actually jia talk about mountains, in Sambas there is no mountain, there is only hill course in science or nature geography. Called a mountain when it takes a height of 2000 feet (610 m) to be defined as a mountain.

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