7 Most Beautiful Rivers in Sambas. River is a water tranfortation path. In Sambas river, once a lot of lanting that we find. Now the existence of lanting is

7 Most Beautiful Rivers in Sambas
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7 Most Beautiful Rivers in Sambas
7 Most Beautiful Rivers in Sambas. River is a water tranfortation path. In Sambas river, once a lot of lanting that we find. Now the existence of lanting is rarely seen. The population has moved to the mainland. Maybe merea already tired of living dilanting and want to rest on land. According to geography or River geography is a large and elongated flow of water that flows continuously from upstream (source) to downstream (estuary). There is also a river located underground, referred to as "underground river". For example the underground river in Hang Soon Dong Cave in Vietnam, the underground river in Yucatan (Mexico), the underground river in Pindul Cave (Philippines).

Below is the river of Sambas District:

1. River Teberau
Terberau River is located at the T-junction of the river called "Muara Ulakan". The name of Sungai Teberau is derived from the name of plants that grow in various places that can hold water, such as in swamp swamp. The Sambas Sultanate was precisely located at the crossroads of the Sambas River, Teberau and Subah Rivers.
2. River Subah
Kecamatan Subah is the second sub district in Sambas District established since the enactment of Law Number 22 Year 1999 regarding Regional Government. In Kecamatan Subah there is a Subah River that extends from Sambas (precisely from Muara Ulakkan which deviates three) to Subah. The river is formed by a swift stream of water, winding like a snake.
3. Sambas River
Sambas River is long and very beautiful up to the upstream. If we board a boat (boat) or water motor, beautiful scenery we will get up to bantelan and far away again. On the banks of the River Sambas this has been made a palace in ancient times. But earlier the government was Lubuk Madung. Lubuk Madung is a meeting of three rivers, namely Sungai Subah, Sungai Sambas Kecil, and Sungai Teberau. Then, in that location was founded the Palace of the Sultanate which until now known as Alwatzikoebillah Palace.
4. River Sebangkau
The Sebastian River is located east of Sambas. This aerial river display from Sebangkau located in District Pemangkat upstream Kedondong Village, Nyayat, and further to Mount Bawang. In the upper reaches of this Sebalam River there is a Batu Nek Jage lagenda located in Pelanjau Village Tebas District.
5. The River Kartiasa
Kartisa River is a historical river past. Formerly this river is silent with the entry of kingdoms from Java, King Kertarajasa Jaya Wardana. Hence there is the name "Kartiasa" to commemorate the battle between Sambas warriors and warriors from Java.
6. Sekura River
Sekura River, located in the northern region of Sambas. Sekura is one of the villages in Kecamatan Teluk Keramat, Sambas District, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Sekura River is a very busy transportation facility, either morning, noon or night. Sekuran river is also a lot of traditional fishermen who catch fish for daily needs or sold. Sekura is the capital of Kecamatan Teluk Keramat.
7. Tebas River
Tebas River is located in the western part of Sambas regency. The Tebas River empties into the Sambas River, while the upper reaches of the Tebas River are headed upstream from the River Sebangkau. The upstream of the Tebas River is getting smaller, but there are so many fishes. The uniqueness of this river is the form of winding or winding from the estuary upstream. All of that is a very beautiful natural process.

Well, that's the seven most unique rivers in Sambas, although the uniqueness is very few, but that is the author's point of view.

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