7 home work Local Government of Sambas District. Anyone who will become the leader of the first then let be the holder of

7 home work Local Government of Sambas District
Regent's office
7 home work Local Government of Sambas District. Anyone who will become the leader of the first person in Sambas this, then let be the holder of the people's mandate. Do not let the people's money just for the streets of the afternoon, dinner-lunch, or pleasure to foreign countries. For example Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Cats, and many others. If I am another, I want to serve my two parents.

Below is 7
home work Local Government in Sambas District:

1. Sambas Regency broke into 3 districts (Sambas North Coast District, Sambas Pesisir Regency, Sambas District)
Sambas Regency if needed to be broken down into 3 districts, namely Sambas North Coast, Sambas Pesisir Regency, Sambas District. The aim is to make the welfare of the rayat so that few are given the suplay, the next so that the development of the more rapid and the field of work can be increased. Few people are taken care of, but remember "Sambas name must be immortalized"
2. Disabled, poor people should be more attention by local government
Disabled people and poor people should be more attention, because so far these people are only seen in the eyes of the officials. I do not know what it means, the program exists, but the implementation is not there at all.
3. Health and education are more optimized
Health and education is further enhanced by local or elite addition to schools in need. There are still many rainbow troops in this district Sambas. Do not just the existing school on the silk course that was built, while the depth is still a lot of local shortcomings.
4. Use APBD in place (not for roads)
Use the APBD money as well as possible in accordance with the details, do not be used for sightseeing or leisure or buy private facilities to maintain prestige or refutation.
5. The goods of service there are all agencies should not be a property or change the name
The official goods that have been owned by jia have expired the term of office do not dibawavpulang with renamed themselves. Release or refund the government, because it is state inventory.
6. Disable people give 10% chance to be board member
Disabled people who have the ability to have titles give an opportunity to advance in the world of politics, so that disable people have a place to confront it. And if the disable person has gone up to the board, do not forget his skin.
7. The educational world of the local area of ​​sambas must be incorporated into the regional curriculum (although the center does not exist)
In the world of education, please mulok area was lifted, mulok area that must be in school, because elementary school children now still many less know about the game area, local customs, folklore and many others.

Well, that's 7 PR Local Government Sambas District, although there are many PR or other tasks. And do not forget Sambas vision and mission must be run or implemented for the progress of Sambas regency, do not just stomach itself THREATED, Sambas children lost terigasnya, forest lost, the land lost, all lived his name.

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