7 Historic Sites in Sambas many people do not know, let alone children today. The 7 historical sites in Sambas have been forgotten by the Sambas people

7 Historic Sites in Sambas
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7 Historic Sites in Sambas
7 Historic Sites in Sambas many people do not know, let alone children today. The 7 historical sites in Sambas have been forgotten by the Sambas people themselves. Many elderly people do not know about it, let alone children today. Who is wrong with all that? Are parents or government as education? Try the local mulok lessons put into elementary school students. And excavated all what is related to history, of course they know. Great nation is a nation that does not forget its history.

Below are 7 Historic Sites in Sambas, among them are;
1. Pemangkat
Pemangkat is the densest district in Sambas district, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. In Tionghoa, this small town is called (Hakka: Pang kat, Pinyin: Bāng jiá). Name Pemangkat, according to the story taken from the name of the founder of this city that is Mr. Mangkat. It used to be the headquarters of Chinese immigrants who wanted to master Sambas "Thai Kong" China's largest golden union.
In the Pemangkat there is also a memorial to the Dutch soldiers who died in the battle of 1850. And there is also the grave of one member of the body of Van Den Bost or OBOS in Bukit Tanjung Batu is told as a cruel Dutch soldiers who have knowledge Rawarontek, to kill him must separate his body without a speck the blood falls to the ground and the body part must be buried in the land separated by the Sea. In addition to Tanjung Batu other body parts are on the mountain Kalangbau.
Tebas city is where the Sambas Sultanate opens forests, the name Tebas is because Sambas sultanate only cut or cut wood to establish the sultanate, but not so. They only slashed and then they went to Kota Bangun, and there they settled to build ampung called "Kota Bangun".
Safeguard is a place of siege of troops in expelling the Chinese who want to occupy the Sambas Sultanate, assisted by soldiers from the Kingdom Mempawah, Pontianak and Portuguese. On Mount Selindung cannon ignited to drive Chinese-Chinese into the city, they finally collected in Singkawang (Sengkejong-Singawang name past).
Kartiasa is a battleground of Sambas warriors with King Prabu Kertarejasa Jayawardana of Majapahit Kingdom in Java. This battle occurred because the king of Java wanted to seize the kingdom of Sambas kingdom named "Mustika Bintang" belonging to Queen Sepudak. To commemorate the battle, this place is called "kartiasa".
5. Semparuk
Semparuk is where the Dutch troops enter Semparuk. Dutch soldiers numbered 300 people. The first to find or see the Dutch soldier was a Chinese local with his dialect "sampaklok-sampaklok-sampaklok". Sampaklok means 300 login. Dialih language in Malay or Indonesian language becomes semparuk.
Sebatu 'or Sebatok is where the sinking of Dutch ships that want to go to Sambas because it is blocked by stones in the river. Because of the stupidity of the captain specify the stone is still dibedal. Until the ship's searang is still there, which looks just the flagpole only. However, if the water again dry or receded, then clearly visible body ship in the river Sebatok.
7. Sambas
Sambas is the administrative center of Sambas District. In Sambas there is a village called "Kampung Bersus". This scorched village was burned by Dutch soldiers at the direction of a traitor from Sambas's own son.

Well, that's 7 Historic Sites in Sambas, and many others, for example there is a mosque used as a bulwark against the Dutch army, hinga now the mosque is still standing with magnificent.

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