7 The Dutch heritage in Sambas is very diverse. In ancient times in Sambas also been touched by Japan and the Netherlands, did

House of Kewedanan in Pemangkat

7 Dutch Heritage in Sambas
7 The Dutch heritage in Sambas is very diverse. In ancient times in Sambas also been touched by Japan and the Netherlands, did not escape also the name of PKI. They deliberately go to Sambas to master Sambas. In this Sambas also they form their power or government. Many of the buildings or bridges they make. However, the working of the Indonesian nation itself is known by the name of forced labor or remosa, or another name of corvee labor.

7 Dutch relics in Sambas are among others;
1. Stone Bridge in Sambas
Sambas bridge is very famous and a liaison between cities in
south of West Kalimantan province. Sambas is a district and capital of Sambas district, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Geratak Batu, Durian is an old Dutch-made bridge.
2. Mangosteen Bridge in Sambas
The Mangosteen bridge in Sambas is also a temple made first when they occupied Sambas. This bridge is made to connect one area with another area across the river. Until now this bridge still stands firmly as a liaison between two opposite villages.
3. Police Dormitory in Sambas
This old asarama position is not far from Batu Durian Bridge towards Kartiasa direction. Not far from the place is a flagpole of a famous old haunted and there is a waiting penunggunya.
4. The Old Prison of Kampung Lorong Sambas
The old prison located in Kampung Lorong is not far from the Sambas regent's residence or residence. The old prison was no longer able to accommodate the many prisoners. So the new bolted LP again in education toward the Subah.
5. Kampung Bersus Sambas
The scorched village is a story of the Dutch heritage that has burned the village. Because there is one resident who became a spy or traitor by working with the Dutch. So the village was burned by the Dutch. To perpetuate the history, the village was named after the name "Kampung cokus".
6. Bridge Reach
Sebapai Bridge is a bridge made in the Netherlands past. Now the bridge is no longer used or functioned for crossings or traffic vehicles either two wheel or four and six wheels. The bridge is only used by pedestrians, but there are also sometimes residents who ride motorcycles passing on the bridge.
7. House of Kewedanan in Pemangkat
Dutch house Kewedanan formerly existed in Pemangkat. Rumah Kewedanan is now interpreted as the official home of Pak Camat. The house is still seen standing firmly in Pemangkat, although there are already or many are damaged.

Well, that's 7 Dutch heritage when the Dutch colonize Indonesia, especially Sambas. In addition to these seven kinds, there are probably many other relics in the entire Sambas

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