7 Popular Rayat Stories in Sambas that our children need to know. Actually the people of Sambas Regency are many, including Dare Nandung Bujang Nadi,

7 Popular Rayat Stories in Sambas
Story Dare Nandung Bujang Nadi

7 Popular Rayat Stories in Sambas
7 Popular Rayat Stories in Sambas that our children need to know. Actually the people of Sambas Regency are many, including Dare Nandung Bujang Nadi, Tok Kullup, and many others. Sugianto, S.Pd.I has written as many as 20 titles about Sambas District folklore and has been printed in Singkawang for his own environment. The story is based on trusted references and sources. To find the 7 stories of Popular Rats in Sambas are below:

1. Story Dare Nandung Bujang Nadi
Dare Nandung and Bujang Nadi are the two sons of King Tan Unggal. Dara Nandung is a beautiful virgin with a hobby weave. While Bujang Nadi is a mighty and handsome hobbies with hobby chicken.
2. The story of Tan Unggal
Tan Unggal is a tyrant king. He has three children, namely Dara Nandung and Bujang Nadi and Tok Kullup. Tan Unggal was killed by his own people by being locked in a coffin and thrown into the sea at the mouth of a loose sea-raiser.
3. Tok Kullup Story
Tok Kullup is the son of King Tan Unggal the Youngest. He is titled Tok Kullup because he can not be circumcised. He has been immune from birth. Tok Kullup in his persuasion on the hill of Piantus until now. Many pilgrims go there asking for blessings or simply for pilgrimage alpatihah pilgrimage.
4. The Origin of Ruai Birds
Long time ago Ruai bird is actually a beautiful princess. He is the seventh or the youngest. By the six siblings the youngest is invited to the forest by reason of fishing. Once deep into the forest, the youngest is left behind by her six brothers. Finally the youngest alone. The youngest met a great grandfather, then converted the youngest to Ruai.
5. Story of Ballah Stone
Ballah stone is a fairy tale or lagenda originating from Sambas region or Sambas district. This Ballah Stone Story comes from the Pemangkat area now. The story of Ballah Stone tells of a mother who was eaten by the Stone Ballah because of the kemponan of the tembakul fish. It is said that according to the story, the child does not leave for the mother. So the mother sulks, and goes to Tanjung Batu beach. And begged at Batu Ballah to eat. Finally Batu Ballah ate the mother until her remaining hair.
6. Muare Story Trace
Muare Ulakkan located in Sambas intersection of three front palace. According to the occurrence of this estuary estuary is the Masam and the Ribbas bring stone from the Shell. With their strength can be the stone, and brought to it.
7. The Stone Story of the Bejamban
Batu Bejamban is derived from Paloh area, Batu Bejamban has a very close relationship with the story of Stone Layang in Pontianak. This mystic stone is mystique always wet and always there is the sound of a shower.

Well, that's 7 Stories of Popular Rats in Sambas, to find out just please buy a book or read the story in the local library or on the internet.

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