7 The Mystical Stone in Sambas. Do you know about "7 Mystical Stones in Sambas?" Maybe you do not know it or maybe never heard it at all. Sambas a

7 The Mystical Stone in Sambas
Ilustration Star Musika Stone

7 The Mystical Stone in Sambas
7 The Mystical Stone in Sambas. Do you know about "7 Mystical Stones in Sambas?" Maybe you do not know it or maybe never heard it at all. Sambas a few months ago, had a rock fever, many people looking for amethyst and other stones. The amethyst they were looking for found many in the Village District Sempalai Sebawi. One ketulnya or bongkahannya usually they sell 100 thousand dollars and even millions of dollars.

Regarding the title above "7 Mystical Stones in Sambas", let's look below:
1. Ballah stone
Ballah stone is a fairy tale or lagenda originating from Sambas region or Sambas district. This Ballah Stone Story comes from the Pemangkat area now. The story of Ballah Stone tells of a mother who was eaten by the Stone Ballah because of the kemponan of the tembakul fish. It is said that according to the story, the child does not leave for the mother. So the mother sulks, and goes to Tanjung Batu beach. And begged at Batu Ballah to eat. Finally Batu Ballah ate the mother until her remaining hair.
2. Batu Bejamban
Batu Bejamban is derived from Paloh area, Batu Bejamban has a very close relationship with the story of Stone Layang in Pontianak. This mystic stone is mystique always wet and always there is the sound of a shower.
3. Stone Canggar
Batu Canggar is located in Jawai Subdistrict near Serayi Beach. The Canggar is named Batu Canggar because it is like a tensing male genitals * sorry *.
4. Batu Lappak
Lappak Stone is located in Jawai Subdistrict adjacent to Batu Canggar. This Lappak stone is very big like a girly footprint on a rock on a hill. TEAM SMAN 2 Tebas has come there in 2005.
5. Stone Sebatok
The Stone of Sebatok is a large rock that comes from the village of Sebatok (now). The stone has been taken by the Masam and the Rabbas. Then the stone sank in Muara Ulakkan Sambas.
6. Stone Tarub
Betarub stone is a tarub that has become a stone. According to the story that in ancient times in the upstream Sambas there is a village that was doing kenduri event. There is a poor family in the village. The poor is not invited by the rich, but only insulted and scorned. Long story short, the poor do not accept and release the cat that has been decorated first. Seeing the beautiful cat and jumping and dancing, the guests burst out laughing, and beaming for a moment. They all darted for a while and became rocks.
7. Star Musika Stone
Stone Mustia Bintang is a stone that fell from the sky during the reign of Queen Sepinggak in the Old City. Mustika Bintang Stone became the seizure of several kingdoms at that time, including the king of Java King of King Kertarajasa Jayawardana.

Well, that's 7 stories of mythical stones in Sambas until now we tadak know the truth. Wallahu aklam bissawab ....

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