7 Mystical places in Sambas represent only a small part of the mystical places in Sambas District. Perhaps many people have already

7 Mystical Places in Sambas
Pit stone (Batu Bejamban)
7 Mystical Places in Sambas
7 Mystical places in Sambas represent only a small part of the mystical places in Sambas District. Perhaps many people have already experienced strange things in these mystical places. And maybe also many of us who still do not know. The author tries to convey 7 mystical places in Sambas District, although many others.

7 mystical places in Sambas District are:

1. Tomb of Dare Nandung Bujang Nadi
Tomb Dare Nandung Bujang Nadi is located in Sebedang Hill not far from the center of Tebas sub-district which is located in Sebedang village, Sebawi district. The mysticism of this tomb is when we plugged the wood on the front of our depa with the intention of heart, then after the wood can be revoked can be long, can also short, and can also not change a bit.
Hill Piantus (Tok Kullup Tomb)
The Piantus hill is the location of the Tok Kullup tomb. This is where a stone becomes sunken just because Datok Kullup falling away birds. The bird is called "vulture or lathe" according to the local language. That is the mystique of the place.
pit stone (Batu Bejamban)
Batu Bejamban is located in Paloh City. The Kebistikan of the Stone of Bejamban is this stone can not dry, while in this area no one. In Batu Bejamban this sometimes sounds crowds that wash or bathe.
4. Kingdom of Bunian (Paloh kebannarran people)
Paloh merupaan royal people or kebannaran people. The mystique of this area is that we should not speak of grudges or arrogance. Because it will come true. It is like the morning of the pilgrims, can not be celupar or lamis mouth.
5. estuary Move
Muara ulakkan is in front of the Palace of Sambas Alwatzoebillah Sultanate. The mystique of the Muara Ulakkan is that the water is spinning continuously centered somewhere, but according to the unseen view into the lakes of the palace where the princess or queen is bathing.
6. The tombs of King Sambas
The tombs of King Sambas are located in Desa Dalam Sambas. The myth of the Tomb of the Kings of Sambas is beyond doubt. Many people ask for barkat there. Take for example, the oil or fragrance of this tomb is always there. The oil is endless and the soil is not concave.
7. Sacred Bantelan
Keramat Bantelan is located in the village of Kuayan Sajad District. To get there requires patience, because the road is pretty good. The mystique of the sacred bantelan is the burial of the grave (the position of the tomb is high). But now no longer maintained by the villagers. In the past many people asked for barkat in Kerelan Bantelan is in accordance with their intentions respectively.

That is the 7 mystical places in Sambas State that we need to know and also need to be preserved. For example, the sacred or the tombs must be preserved because it is a cultural heritage area Sambas District. Do not get lost like the Sabbok Bridge that lives its name now.

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