7 Tugu Inscriptions in Sambas that exist in Sambas district much is not known by the community let alone by the students.

7 Monument Inscription in Sambas
orange monument
7 Tugu Inscription in Sambas
7 Tugu Inscriptions in Sambas that exist in Sambas district much is not known by the community let alone by the students. The inscription is a charter or document written on a hard and durable material. The inscriptions that exist in Sambas District is an artificial that must be preserved. This inscription has been written in several monuments of Heroes and other monuments to commemorate a particular incident in Sambas District.

The seven inscriptions are:
1. Tugu Pahlawan (Sambas Heroes Tomb)
Tugu Pahlawan or Makam Hero of Sambas District is located in Sungai Pinang not far from the swimming pool. Olam pool often and crowded visited by masyaraat, in the tomb of heroes may be only one or two people who come to the al-Fatihah to the heroes. The heroes are buried in Sambas Hero Cemetery as many as 23 people.
2. Hero
Monument Veterans of Tanjung Batu (Pemangkat)
Preface to remember the ferocity of the Japanese army past in Sambas especially in Pemakangkat, then made a monument and inscription in Tanjung Batu, which is not far from the primary school location. On the inscription written some names of Chinese and Malay heroes, either Pak Haji or monk. The heroes or veterans who were written there as many as 53 people either Islam or Buddhism.
3. Hero
Monument of Veteran Pusaka (Tebas)
Tugu Petawan Veteran Pusaka stands firmly in Dusun Sekadim. This Veteran monument with inscriptions of names of Veteran Heroes as many as 28 people who have fought against Japan, the Netherlands and the PKI.
orange monument (Tebas)
Tebas orange monument is a symbol of the triumph of Tebas city with its famous oranges with the name "orange pontianak". Even in the past few years Tebas has made an exhibition with the largest orange-breaking MURI record.
5. Tugu Hero of Veteran Subdistrict of Tebas (Tebas)
Tugu Hero or Veteran with the inscription is on the page of Anthor Tebas. This Veteran monument is like "Bambu Runcing", so the monument is called "Bamboo Taper Monument". On the inscription carved in this monument there are 180 warriors or veterans.
6. Tugu Pahlawan Simpang Tiga (Sambas)
Tugu Pahlawan Simpang Tiga, located at the intersection of Sambas City is a symbol of welcoming guests coming from the west. In this monument erdapat some writings of encouragement for the next generation to maintain the independence of NKRI from invaders.
7. Bloody Ketupat (Jawai)
From some of the above monument, another case with this monument or inscription named "Ketupat Berdarah" in Jawai District. This bloody diamond monument is a symbol to commemorate the war between "Madura and Malay" a few years ago.

That is 7 monuments or inscriptions that exist in Sambas regency, it is necessary to know there is one more is Tugu Pahlawan Veteran Sejamaan Sejangkung in Sejangkung contained in the yard Office Sejangkung Head.

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