7 Attracts About Sambas we need to know. During this time it only served with the unique or privileges of the country people.

7 Interesting About Sambas
Lake Sebedang

7 Interesting About Sambas
7 Attracts About Sambas we need to know. During this time it only served with the unique or privileges of the country people. While the uniqueness or privilege of our own country we do not know. And maybe somebody knows it but does not care about it. Here the author tries to lift 7 interesting about Sambas Country for sediit many people can know.
Here 7 Interesting About Sambas to know:

1. Sambas Palace Alwatzikoebillah
Alwatzikoebillah Palace is the Palace of Sambas Sultanate which became the center of government in Sambas until the end of the sultanate's power. Alwatzikhoebillah Palace which is visible now, newly built during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Mulia Ibrahim Syafiuddin (1931-1943), sultan of the 15th Sambas Sultanate.
2. Lake Sebedang
To go to Lake Sebedang for tourists can blow the road with the route Pontianak-Singkawang and Sambas. Sebedang Lake is located in two villages namely Sebedang Village Tebas Subdistrict and Village Sepuk Tanjung District Sebawi. The location of the lake sebedang very easy to visit because not far from the main road to Sambas City.
3. The Largest Citrus Tree
Tugu Jeruk is a unique building built in his day, because at that time a ruler more often build a monument or inscription to commemorate a thing. Because of its uniqueness and history, no wonder if this monument serve as the mascot of Tebas City.
4. Temajuk Beach
Temajuk is a village located in the northern part of the western part of Kalimantan island, just 4 kilometers from Telok Melano, Malaysia. This village is administratively located in the District of Paloh, Sambas District, West Kalimantan which borders directly with Malaysia. This village has a very long coastline of about 60 kilometers, stretching along the coast to Temajuk Village which is often visited by turtles to lay their eggs.
5. Pantai Puteri Serai or Pantai Putri Serayi
The beauty of the Rocks and the White Sand Overlay. Pantai Putri Serayi
including one of the attractions in Sambas District.
6. Stone Bridge
Stone Bridge Sambas Relics of the Dutch Age. Sambas Bridge is very famous and a liaison between cities in the southern province of West Kalimantan.
7. Sabbok Bridge
Gerponak Sabbo '(Sabbo Bridge') is a legacy of historical heritage
the kingdom of Sambas past was lost in the sweep of the modern era in the era of Regent Juliarti. Now the Sabbok Bridge is just his name.

In addition to 7 interesting about this Sambas country, there are many more places or villages of interest in the city of Sambas that can be exposed or need to know its existence.

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