7 Beaches in Sambas are beautiful and fun if we are on vacation with family or relatives, let alone dear boyfriend. Beach with a

7 Beaches in Sambas
Temajuk Beach (Paloh)

7 Beaches in Sambas
7 Beaches in Sambas are beautiful and fun if we are on vacation with family or relatives, let alone dear boyfriend. Beach with a light breeze makes us more at home and do not want to come back from the beach while lying down or a cup of coconut water beach. The beach in Sambas Regency is classified as many, among them are:

1. Polaria Beach (Selakau)
Polaria beach is located behind Polaria Selakau hill. Polaria beach is very long. Many children of young people or children of ABG visit there if the afternoon. On the beach Polaria is also an indi film worked by a reliable young director in a film titled "Polaria Girl".
2. Sinam Beach (Pemangkat)
Sinam Beach is located in Pemangkat Town. Sinam Beach is always crowded even more visitors at night because Sinam beached many cafes that opened until late at night. And many nightly flower that began to blossom with fragrant fragrant.
3. Pantai Puteri Serai (Jawai)
Pantai Puteri Serai located in Jawai District is very beautiful to the eye. As far as the eye sees only plastered the sea. While in the west stands with sturdy Mount Puteri Serai.
4. Ramayadi Beach (Jawai)
Ramayadi Beach is also located in Jawai District. Ramayadi beach is located behind Mount or Bukit Pueteri Serai not far from Pantai Puteri Serai. Not far from the beach Ramayadi or Princess Puteri Serai beach there are two rare stones, namely stone cutters and rock lappak.
5. Tanah Hitam Beach (Paloh)
Pantai Tanah Hitam Paloh is very beautiful and very long, no less long with Pasir Panjang Singkawang beach. Pantai Tanah Hitam Paloh with fine sand and a rather yellowish color. Many coconut trees and shade trees grow there, as well as many canteen or warungs if we are starving and thirsty.
6. Temajuk Beach (Paloh)
Temajuk Paloh Beach is the most beautiful beach in West Kalimantan, as well as in Indonesia. Temajuk Beach is very famous in Indonesia. Many tourists or foreign tourists who come to Temajuk Beach. There are also many built cafes or villas to unwind or make up with the cost or cost 200 thousand per-night.
7. Beach Selimpai (Paloh)
Selimpan Beach is also located in Paloh. On this beach a lot of turtles lay their eggs, this beach is very protected. Because of this beached turtles come to spawn. Sometimes visitors are deliberately coming from afar only to see turtles lay their eggs, be it local or foreign tourists.

Well, that's 7 beaches in Sambas district. In addition to these 7 beaches there may be another most beautiful beach.

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