Januari 2018

7 Interesting About Sambas
Lake Sebedang

7 Interesting About Sambas
7 Attracts About Sambas we need to know. During this time it only served with the unique or privileges of the country people. While the uniqueness or privilege of our own country we do not know. And maybe somebody knows it but does not care about it. Here the author tries to lift 7 interesting about Sambas Country for sediit many people can know.
Here 7 Interesting About Sambas to know:

1. Sambas Palace Alwatzikoebillah
Alwatzikoebillah Palace is the Palace of Sambas Sultanate which became the center of government in Sambas until the end of the sultanate's power. Alwatzikhoebillah Palace which is visible now, newly built during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Mulia Ibrahim Syafiuddin (1931-1943), sultan of the 15th Sambas Sultanate.
2. Lake Sebedang
To go to Lake Sebedang for tourists can blow the road with the route Pontianak-Singkawang and Sambas. Sebedang Lake is located in two villages namely Sebedang Village Tebas Subdistrict and Village Sepuk Tanjung District Sebawi. The location of the lake sebedang very easy to visit because not far from the main road to Sambas City.
3. The Largest Citrus Tree
Tugu Jeruk is a unique building built in his day, because at that time a ruler more often build a monument or inscription to commemorate a thing. Because of its uniqueness and history, no wonder if this monument serve as the mascot of Tebas City.
4. Temajuk Beach
Temajuk is a village located in the northern part of the western part of Kalimantan island, just 4 kilometers from Telok Melano, Malaysia. This village is administratively located in the District of Paloh, Sambas District, West Kalimantan which borders directly with Malaysia. This village has a very long coastline of about 60 kilometers, stretching along the coast to Temajuk Village which is often visited by turtles to lay their eggs.
5. Pantai Puteri Serai or Pantai Putri Serayi
The beauty of the Rocks and the White Sand Overlay. Pantai Putri Serayi
including one of the attractions in Sambas District.
6. Stone Bridge
Stone Bridge Sambas Relics of the Dutch Age. Sambas Bridge is very famous and a liaison between cities in the southern province of West Kalimantan.
7. Sabbok Bridge
Gerponak Sabbo '(Sabbo Bridge') is a legacy of historical heritage
the kingdom of Sambas past was lost in the sweep of the modern era in the era of Regent Juliarti. Now the Sabbok Bridge is just his name.

In addition to 7 interesting about this Sambas country, there are many more places or villages of interest in the city of Sambas that can be exposed or need to know its existence.

7 Mystical Places in Sambas
Pit stone (Batu Bejamban)
7 Mystical Places in Sambas
7 Mystical places in Sambas represent only a small part of the mystical places in Sambas District. Perhaps many people have already experienced strange things in these mystical places. And maybe also many of us who still do not know. The author tries to convey 7 mystical places in Sambas District, although many others.

7 mystical places in Sambas District are:

1. Tomb of Dare Nandung Bujang Nadi
Tomb Dare Nandung Bujang Nadi is located in Sebedang Hill not far from the center of Tebas sub-district which is located in Sebedang village, Sebawi district. The mysticism of this tomb is when we plugged the wood on the front of our depa with the intention of heart, then after the wood can be revoked can be long, can also short, and can also not change a bit.
Hill Piantus (Tok Kullup Tomb)
The Piantus hill is the location of the Tok Kullup tomb. This is where a stone becomes sunken just because Datok Kullup falling away birds. The bird is called "vulture or lathe" according to the local language. That is the mystique of the place.
pit stone (Batu Bejamban)
Batu Bejamban is located in Paloh City. The Kebistikan of the Stone of Bejamban is this stone can not dry, while in this area no one. In Batu Bejamban this sometimes sounds crowds that wash or bathe.
4. Kingdom of Bunian (Paloh kebannarran people)
Paloh merupaan royal people or kebannaran people. The mystique of this area is that we should not speak of grudges or arrogance. Because it will come true. It is like the morning of the pilgrims, can not be celupar or lamis mouth.
5. estuary Move
Muara ulakkan is in front of the Palace of Sambas Alwatzoebillah Sultanate. The mystique of the Muara Ulakkan is that the water is spinning continuously centered somewhere, but according to the unseen view into the lakes of the palace where the princess or queen is bathing.
6. The tombs of King Sambas
The tombs of King Sambas are located in Desa Dalam Sambas. The myth of the Tomb of the Kings of Sambas is beyond doubt. Many people ask for barkat there. Take for example, the oil or fragrance of this tomb is always there. The oil is endless and the soil is not concave.
7. Sacred Bantelan
Keramat Bantelan is located in the village of Kuayan Sajad District. To get there requires patience, because the road is pretty good. The mystique of the sacred bantelan is the burial of the grave (the position of the tomb is high). But now no longer maintained by the villagers. In the past many people asked for barkat in Kerelan Bantelan is in accordance with their intentions respectively.

That is the 7 mystical places in Sambas State that we need to know and also need to be preserved. For example, the sacred or the tombs must be preserved because it is a cultural heritage area Sambas District. Do not get lost like the Sabbok Bridge that lives its name now.

7 Beaches in Sambas
Temajuk Beach (Paloh)

7 Beaches in Sambas
7 Beaches in Sambas are beautiful and fun if we are on vacation with family or relatives, let alone dear boyfriend. Beach with a light breeze makes us more at home and do not want to come back from the beach while lying down or a cup of coconut water beach. The beach in Sambas Regency is classified as many, among them are:

1. Polaria Beach (Selakau)
Polaria beach is located behind Polaria Selakau hill. Polaria beach is very long. Many children of young people or children of ABG visit there if the afternoon. On the beach Polaria is also an indi film worked by a reliable young director in a film titled "Polaria Girl".
2. Sinam Beach (Pemangkat)
Sinam Beach is located in Pemangkat Town. Sinam Beach is always crowded even more visitors at night because Sinam beached many cafes that opened until late at night. And many nightly flower that began to blossom with fragrant fragrant.
3. Pantai Puteri Serai (Jawai)
Pantai Puteri Serai located in Jawai District is very beautiful to the eye. As far as the eye sees only plastered the sea. While in the west stands with sturdy Mount Puteri Serai.
4. Ramayadi Beach (Jawai)
Ramayadi Beach is also located in Jawai District. Ramayadi beach is located behind Mount or Bukit Pueteri Serai not far from Pantai Puteri Serai. Not far from the beach Ramayadi or Princess Puteri Serai beach there are two rare stones, namely stone cutters and rock lappak.
5. Tanah Hitam Beach (Paloh)
Pantai Tanah Hitam Paloh is very beautiful and very long, no less long with Pasir Panjang Singkawang beach. Pantai Tanah Hitam Paloh with fine sand and a rather yellowish color. Many coconut trees and shade trees grow there, as well as many canteen or warungs if we are starving and thirsty.
6. Temajuk Beach (Paloh)
Temajuk Paloh Beach is the most beautiful beach in West Kalimantan, as well as in Indonesia. Temajuk Beach is very famous in Indonesia. Many tourists or foreign tourists who come to Temajuk Beach. There are also many built cafes or villas to unwind or make up with the cost or cost 200 thousand per-night.
7. Beach Selimpai (Paloh)
Selimpan Beach is also located in Paloh. On this beach a lot of turtles lay their eggs, this beach is very protected. Because of this beached turtles come to spawn. Sometimes visitors are deliberately coming from afar only to see turtles lay their eggs, be it local or foreign tourists.

Well, that's 7 beaches in Sambas district. In addition to these 7 beaches there may be another most beautiful beach.

7 Monument Inscription in Sambas
orange monument
7 Tugu Inscription in Sambas
7 Tugu Inscriptions in Sambas that exist in Sambas district much is not known by the community let alone by the students. The inscription is a charter or document written on a hard and durable material. The inscriptions that exist in Sambas District is an artificial that must be preserved. This inscription has been written in several monuments of Heroes and other monuments to commemorate a particular incident in Sambas District.

The seven inscriptions are:
1. Tugu Pahlawan (Sambas Heroes Tomb)
Tugu Pahlawan or Makam Hero of Sambas District is located in Sungai Pinang not far from the swimming pool. Olam pool often and crowded visited by masyaraat, in the tomb of heroes may be only one or two people who come to the al-Fatihah to the heroes. The heroes are buried in Sambas Hero Cemetery as many as 23 people.
2. Hero
Monument Veterans of Tanjung Batu (Pemangkat)
Preface to remember the ferocity of the Japanese army past in Sambas especially in Pemakangkat, then made a monument and inscription in Tanjung Batu, which is not far from the primary school location. On the inscription written some names of Chinese and Malay heroes, either Pak Haji or monk. The heroes or veterans who were written there as many as 53 people either Islam or Buddhism.
3. Hero
Monument of Veteran Pusaka (Tebas)
Tugu Petawan Veteran Pusaka stands firmly in Dusun Sekadim. This Veteran monument with inscriptions of names of Veteran Heroes as many as 28 people who have fought against Japan, the Netherlands and the PKI.
orange monument (Tebas)
Tebas orange monument is a symbol of the triumph of Tebas city with its famous oranges with the name "orange pontianak". Even in the past few years Tebas has made an exhibition with the largest orange-breaking MURI record.
5. Tugu Hero of Veteran Subdistrict of Tebas (Tebas)
Tugu Hero or Veteran with the inscription is on the page of Anthor Tebas. This Veteran monument is like "Bambu Runcing", so the monument is called "Bamboo Taper Monument". On the inscription carved in this monument there are 180 warriors or veterans.
6. Tugu Pahlawan Simpang Tiga (Sambas)
Tugu Pahlawan Simpang Tiga, located at the intersection of Sambas City is a symbol of welcoming guests coming from the west. In this monument erdapat some writings of encouragement for the next generation to maintain the independence of NKRI from invaders.
7. Bloody Ketupat (Jawai)
From some of the above monument, another case with this monument or inscription named "Ketupat Berdarah" in Jawai District. This bloody diamond monument is a symbol to commemorate the war between "Madura and Malay" a few years ago.

That is 7 monuments or inscriptions that exist in Sambas regency, it is necessary to know there is one more is Tugu Pahlawan Veteran Sejamaan Sejangkung in Sejangkung contained in the yard Office Sejangkung Head.

7 The Mystical Stone in Sambas
Ilustration Star Musika Stone

7 The Mystical Stone in Sambas
7 The Mystical Stone in Sambas. Do you know about "7 Mystical Stones in Sambas?" Maybe you do not know it or maybe never heard it at all. Sambas a few months ago, had a rock fever, many people looking for amethyst and other stones. The amethyst they were looking for found many in the Village District Sempalai Sebawi. One ketulnya or bongkahannya usually they sell 100 thousand dollars and even millions of dollars.

Regarding the title above "7 Mystical Stones in Sambas", let's look below:
1. Ballah stone
Ballah stone is a fairy tale or lagenda originating from Sambas region or Sambas district. This Ballah Stone Story comes from the Pemangkat area now. The story of Ballah Stone tells of a mother who was eaten by the Stone Ballah because of the kemponan of the tembakul fish. It is said that according to the story, the child does not leave for the mother. So the mother sulks, and goes to Tanjung Batu beach. And begged at Batu Ballah to eat. Finally Batu Ballah ate the mother until her remaining hair.
2. Batu Bejamban
Batu Bejamban is derived from Paloh area, Batu Bejamban has a very close relationship with the story of Stone Layang in Pontianak. This mystic stone is mystique always wet and always there is the sound of a shower.
3. Stone Canggar
Batu Canggar is located in Jawai Subdistrict near Serayi Beach. The Canggar is named Batu Canggar because it is like a tensing male genitals * sorry *.
4. Batu Lappak
Lappak Stone is located in Jawai Subdistrict adjacent to Batu Canggar. This Lappak stone is very big like a girly footprint on a rock on a hill. TEAM SMAN 2 Tebas has come there in 2005.
5. Stone Sebatok
The Stone of Sebatok is a large rock that comes from the village of Sebatok (now). The stone has been taken by the Masam and the Rabbas. Then the stone sank in Muara Ulakkan Sambas.
6. Stone Tarub
Betarub stone is a tarub that has become a stone. According to the story that in ancient times in the upstream Sambas there is a village that was doing kenduri event. There is a poor family in the village. The poor is not invited by the rich, but only insulted and scorned. Long story short, the poor do not accept and release the cat that has been decorated first. Seeing the beautiful cat and jumping and dancing, the guests burst out laughing, and beaming for a moment. They all darted for a while and became rocks.
7. Star Musika Stone
Stone Mustia Bintang is a stone that fell from the sky during the reign of Queen Sepinggak in the Old City. Mustika Bintang Stone became the seizure of several kingdoms at that time, including the king of Java King of King Kertarajasa Jayawardana.

Well, that's 7 stories of mythical stones in Sambas until now we tadak know the truth. Wallahu aklam bissawab ....