Desember 2017

The Most Beautiful Oppai Contest in Japan
Oppai Contes

The Most Beautiful Oppai Contest in Japan, The country of the rising sun, japan, is known to have a myriad of uniqueness that can not easily be found in other countries. Fashion trends that deviate from the common word? Already ordinary, the discovery of super rare accessories and terrible food or crazy songs? Also commonplace. No less cool than the above inventions is the contest nyeleneh always be in the eye in an instant. Like the recent oppai contest.

Though some time ago just crowded PPAP aka typical pen dance works komedian Piko Taro. Now comes the more excited. Oppai contest, yes, this is really a contest that can make the eyes of men literate at once. What can I say, Japan does have a cool way to take the theme of taboo into a cultivation. Including the contest. The contest just held this keamarin week actually has a formal name is Bioppai Contest 2016. The name is short for the word "beautiful oppai" which of course leads to the beauty of a woman's twin mountain.

7 New World Wonders Finalists, With the many pebedaan that exist in this world, for example rich-poor, beautiful-ugly, strong-weak, beautiful-not beautiful, high-low, strong-weak, and so forth. There is another name miraculous-not magical, big-small, heavy-light, and more. With such a distinction is a blessing for humans to work and to create new innovations to advance the development of human civilization itself.

Take an example, for example, with such a distinction comes man's intelligence to match the different. Of the many beautiful people, made miss worls, from a lot of ugly people, made miss ugly, miss fat, and many others.

7 New World Wonders Finalists
Of the many world-level matches, which we know with the book of record or wold of record, to the magnificent buildings in the world of new world human creation was contested.

Below are 7 finalists from 21 finalists of the new wonders of the world, are:

1.             Acropolis, symbol of civilization and democracy located in Athens, Greece.
2.             Alhambra, which means the symbol of self-esteem and dialogue located in Granada, Spayol.
3.             Angkor Wat, a symbol of beauty and asylum located in Angkor, Cambodia.
4.             Chichen Itza, is a symbol of spelling and science located or bealocated in Yucatan, Mexico.
5.             The fifth is the Statue of Christ the Redeemer as a symbol of acceptance and openness located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
6.             Colosseum, is a symbol of pleasure and suffering that is located in Rome, Italy.
7.             And the last is Moai, Moai statue is a symbol of the mystery and incredible that is located on Easter Island, Chile.

Well that's the 7 finalists of the new wonders of the world that we know. Mai we come to that place, may pour a romantic story for us all.

The 7 New Wonders of the World
Taj Mahal, Symbol of Love, Desire, which is located in Agra, India.

The 7 New Wonders of the World, Miracles in this world are many, some are created by nature, some are created by man himself. Some are preached by ancient humans, some are created by humans in this age of sekaang, and certainly humanity that will come (modern). In creating a miracle in a State it can not be separated from a big project, it is caused by competition of a State, looking for a name, symbol of a country's wealth, or a state's monument, or just to beautify the city (Negara).

As the authors know that; a project on the 7 wonders of the world widely occurred on 7 July 2007 was elected 7 New Wonders of the world with the most votes are:

1. Great Wall of China, Symbol of continuous protection, which is located in China.
2. Petra, symbol of technique, protection, which is located in Jordan.
3. Christ Redeemer statue, community symbol, dedication, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
4. Machu Picchu, the community symbol, dedication, which is located in Cuzco, Peru.
5. Chichen Itza, symbol of worship, science, which is located in Yucatan, Mexico.
6. Colosseum, symbol of Pleasure, Suffering, which is located in Rome, Italy.
7. Taj Mahal, Symbol of Love, Desire, which is located in Agra, India.

Well sob, that's 7 new wonders of the world, if in this country Indonesia what is the 7 miracle? Maybe; Monas Tower, MPR Building, Transtudio Bandung, Transtudio Medan, TVRI Tower, Istiqlal Mosque, and the seventh largest Fertilizer Company in Asia. If in every province there is not yes? Let's look together.

7 The Miracle of the Human Body
Tongue Tongue

7 The Miracle of the Human Body, This miracle is a strength or strength possessed by a person. If we talk about something created by God, it certainly has a plus. Each of God's creations has its own advantages or privileges. But many of us do not know it. There is also more knowing according to what is conferred by Allah SWT. to the person.

A prominent science expert, Peter Lim, an MBA human body expert, says there are 7 wonders in the human body;
1. The Golden Ratio
2. Tongue Tongue
3. Life and Death
4. Bacterial Abode
5. Hot / Cold
6. Anti Wrinkles
7. Self Healing

To ensure the 7 wonders in the body or from the human body itself takes time rather than a moment, certainly takes a long time. That's a study. If we want to examine something it certainly has to prepare everything with more mature, as well as Peter Lim, MBA.

Pay attention to the word of Allah. in Al Quran Surah Al-Infithaar verses 6-8 which means: "6. O mankind, What hath deceived you (disobedient) against your most merciful Lord? 7. who created you and perfected your events and made your body balanced, 8. in whatever form He willed, He composed your body "(Surah Al Infithaar: 6-8).