The symptoms or effects that often arise from HIV disease can greatly affect the person gradually, once the HIV virus enters the body.

9 HIV Symptoms Affecting Humans

9 HIV Symptoms Affecting Humans
The symptoms or effects that often arise from HIV disease can greatly affect the person gradually, once the HIV virus enters the body. Then the virus will be able to multiply rapidly on its body.

Symptoms that often arise are as follows:
1.      The body temperature of the patient increases. The sufferer will experience a slight fever. It was then that the HIV virus began to enter the bloodstream from the patient and the virus duplicated itself.
2.      The emergence of pain in joints in patients. Symptoms like this are almost similar to other symptoms of diseases such as flu, hepatitis, and syphilis.
3.      Patients will experience excessive fatigue. Patients will feel weak lethargic, caused by disruption of the immune system. The HIV virus has begun to randomize some of the body's defense systems. At this stage the patient or patient may experience respiratory failure. Due to the cessation of oxygen flow. As a result the patient or the patient is breathless.
4.      Patients will experience a sore throat and headache. Symptoms like this are often experienced by people with HIV. However, patients can not be said that the patient had a sore throat or suffered a throat.
5.      Patients will see the appearance of red spots on the skin. Generally these red rashes appear at the onset of HIV infection. The rash of the patient's skin may be indicated as a symptom of HIV if the patient has never had a history of allergies. This means that the symptoms or genuine effects are true caused by the HIV virus invection.
6.      For early-stage HIV patients, patients tend to experience prolonged diarrhea accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Symptoms like this are similar to symptoms of magh and food poisoning.
7.      For other early-stage HIV sufferers is pneumonia or pneumonia. Symptoms for the sufferer is a cough accompanied by weight loss.
8.      People with HIV will experience changes in their nails. Nails of early-stage HIV patients will generally be thickened and their body will be curved. In some cases the patient's nails appear blackish and there are vertical brown streaks.
9.      In early HIV patients will appear an infection in the mouth. Pay attention to the part around the mouth of an HIV-infected person, usually in the patient's mouth will show an infection caused by a fungus. For patients will have difficulty to swallow food, due to infection in the mouth.

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