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Apakah Perbedaan Tahun Baru Masehi Dan Tahun Baru Hijriah
Tahun Baru Masehi vs Hijriah
Perbedaan tahun baru masehi dan tahun baru islam. Matahari terus bergulir, malam siang silih berganti. Waktu terus berputar, hari berganti minggu, minggu berganti bulan, bulan berganti tahun. Semua itu karena adanya malam dan siang, dan  pula tidak mungkin malam mendahului siang. Perhatikan firman Allah swt. dalam Al-Quran surah Yasiin ayat 40 yang artinya “Tidaklah mungkin bagi matahari mendapatkan bulan dan malampun tidak dapat mendahului siang. Dan masing-masing beredar pada garis edarnya” (Yaasiin: 40). Dan lihat pula firman-Nya dalam surah Al-Anbiyaa’ ayat 33 yang artinya “Dan Dialah yang telah menciptakan malam dan siang, matahari dan bulan. Masing-masing dari keduanya itu beredar di dalam garis edarnya” (Al-Anbiyaa': 33).  

Semua itu telah ditentukan oleh Allah swt. Apabila Ia berkendak maka terjadilah ia. Perhatikanlah firman-Nya dalam Al-Quran surah Yasiin ayat 82 yang artinya “Sesungguhnya keadaan-Nya apabila Dia menghendaki sesuatu hanyalah berkata kepadanya: "Jadilah!" maka terjadilah ia” (QS. Yasiin: 82). Dan baca pula firman Allah swt dalam Al-Quran surah An-Nahl ayat 40 yang artinya “Sesungguhnya perkataan Kami terhadap sesuatu apabila Kami menghendakinya, Kami hanya mengatakan kepadanya: "kun (jadilah)", maka jadilah ia” (QS. An-Nahl: 40).

Berdasarkan dua ayat di atas sudah jelas, bahwa apa-apa yang sudah Allah takdirkan semua itu dalam ketetapannya. Jadilah….. maka terjadi, itu kehendak-Nya. Begitu pula mengenai judul di atas, Allah lebih mengethaui lagi apa yang akan terjadi dalam hal pergantian tahun, baik tahun hijriyah atau tahun masehi. Mari kita lihat perbedaan tahun M dan tahun H di bawah ini:

1.    Pakaian putih-putih
2.    Diikuti oleh semua kalangan
3.    Nuansa Islami
4.    Jam 14.00-17.00 wiba
1. Pakaian seksi dengan berbagai gaya baik laki/perempuan
2. Diikuti oleh para remaja hingga orang tua.
3. Nuansa Barat
4. Jam 23.00 ke atas hingga 02.00 wiba
Ke Masjid, ke Musolla, ke rumah teman.
Pengajian, liqo’-an, taliman, dengar ceramah, zikiran, etc
Cape-cape, diskotic, pantai, hotel, nighclub, tempat gelap (remang-remang), hura-hura, poya-poya, nyabu, sek, minum-minum, joget-joget, bakar kembang api, mercun, etc

Cuma itu dulu sob yang dapat saya postingkan, jika ada tambahan atau acara lain di tempat saudara, boleh ditulis atau dikomen aja sob, terima kasih telah membaca artikel kami.   

Medication or ingredients for jaundice
Medication or ingredients for jaundice

Medication or ingredients for jaundice
Drugs or ingredients for jaundice are as follows:

• Yellow bamboo stumps.
• Young pineapple leaves.
• Fennel pulowaras.

All three materials are finely ground. After the three ingredients are crushed in a mixture ½ cook in the paras (cut little on any part). Squeeze the water from the 3 excavations. So flattened it out.

All the ingredients when it is finished, then mixed drinking water to taste (a glass of tea water). Then the traditional medicine is ready to be a painful yellow sore medicine. These drugs can be given to patients three times a day, provided that: morning-noon-1 teaspoon for children, 2 teaspoons for adults.

I hope you get better soon. Amen. If ill continues, contact your local doctor.

Our job is just sharing knowledge with you, hopefully our article useful for us all.

How To Treat Traditional Eye Sores
How To Treat Traditional Eye Sores

How To Treat Traditional Eye Sores

If the eyes are red or itchy, it should be suspected, maybe your eyes are exposed to the virus. Your eyes are precious to this life, because when the eyes are blind, the world will be darkened. All that remains is the eyes of the heart, if the eye of the heart is functioning properly and perfectly. Red eyes can be cured with traditional eye medicine, namely:

way 1: take the bud shoots bemban in the day that still bud, as many as five shoots, then blown into the eyes affected by cataracts for one week or for a month. Use it in the morning only.

way 2: do with licked with the tip of the tongue that has been sterilized. How to lick it is to put the tip of the tongue outward from the eyes, just one direction only, do as much as three times only (three times re) do twice a day.

Those are two ways we can do traditionally, good luck ....... Click here too .......... "How to Eliminate Cataracts Traditionally"

Pilgrimage of Syaban Moon Month In Sambas Indonesia
Pilgrimage of Syaban Moon Month In Sambas Indonesia

Pilgrimage of Syaban Moon Month In Sambas Indonesia
Sha'ban is a month of great anticipation by the Muslims besides the month of Ramadan and Shawwal, for the month of Sha'ban is the gateway to enter the most glorious month, the month of Ramadan or the month of fasting. In this Sha'ban month many people who do alms rice or ngeluarkan Sha'ban and pilgrimage to the grave.

In Indonesia in the month of Sha'ban this grave pilgrimage already mentradisi, as well as on earth Terasas Sambas district. Pilgrims are relatives who come from afar or locals. Before they make a pilgrimage to the grave, they prepare everything that must be brought to the grave. Usually they bring is a panda nus leaf-hiris tilted and water. The tradition of the grave pilgrimage in Sambas District is called nguccur. Nguccur is a ritual scattered pandan leaf flowers sliced rencong and water splashed to the grave where siblings or parents are buried.

At the time of this nguccur, usually from the heirs or the surviving family bring a religious leader or Pak Lebai to recite the prayer and Surah Yasin that given (awarded reward prayers or read Yasinan) to the deceased.

Long before the month of Sha'ban or in Rajab, people in Sambas District held a social service to clean the tombs or graves of shrubs or grasses, as it was done at Sambas County Heroes Garden located in Sungai Pinang Village. With a clean grave state of the grass, pilgrims can calmly perform the rituals of prayer and tearing their dead or deceased family tombs or parents.

In this month of Sha'ban, the grave no longer looks haunted or frightening the visitors or locals. Because in the cemetery there are many people who are pilgrims from various villages. For example, the grave or the old grave in the Village Pusaka Tebas District famous for haunteded, now no longer visible haunteded. Because the cemetery was already roomy and people from various villages came to this cemetery. The grave or old grave in Sekadim Hamlet is a place to bury the dead from several villages namely, Village Sei Kelambu, Village Serumpun Buluh, Village Senseng, Village Mt. Join, and Serindang Village.