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7 Points haunted In The World

Dracula Castle
7 Points haunted In The World

In this world, there are plenty of spooky places inhabited by supernatural beings. Noted as terseram place in the world for being the location association of spirits which often manifest themselves. The spirit of this, not only housed live in a tomb or old buildings alone. In fact they also occupy the tree as a place of residence.
For that you need to know the 7th place in the world terseram following:

1. Kelly Road Ohioville, terseram in the world is a place located in Pennsylvania. According to the story, in this place often things are very mysterious. Because, if an animal is entered stricken area will turn into a very ferocious beast whereas previously it was very tame animals. As well as humans, those who pass through this place with an empty mind it becomes human malignant. In this place, heard the sound of crying, screaming, up singing like a mother who would lull her baby. So this place is referred to as a nest of ghosts.

2. The Catacombs, where terangker in Paris. Catacombs is a place that used to carry corpses. Because the city is so densely populated to place pemakamanpun no. So that when someone dies, his body enough diruang laid underground without inserted into the crate. Until now, the skull of the corpse is still there and often appears as a ghost skull with pacing.

3. Dracula Castle, located in Romania since ancient times been used as a place of torture of those Turks. In the palace is also used a suicide by the wife of the Emperor of Vlad the Impaler. Until finally it turned into hideous with their cries and some strange noise from inside the palace.

4. New Orleans, a haunted city in Louisiana and is registered as a terseram in the United States. In this city, never been done gruesome murder, and make this city very austere. This cruel murder, made all the townspeople depleted and eventually wander into the dead city dwellers.

5. Colosseum, where terseram in Rome Italy. The place is used as a tourist destination because some people want to see the structure of this old building. When, around the building is a lot of tourists who heard the sound of swords clashing, then the sound of crying and laughing ghost voices that sound very sinister.

6. The Screaming Tunnel, a tunnel that served as home to the ghost figure of a young girl. According to the story, this girl died because of the fire that eventually ran and his body was not strong anymore until she died in the tunnel. Until now, he still often appears with a face creased and tattered clothes bercompang.

7. Ohio University, a terseram place in America. The university is a place very spooky as many ghosts that often manifest themselves so as to make the university occupants feel fear.

That terseram 7th place in the world inhabited by evil ghosts and haunt humans.

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