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Pity a Girl Raped By 43 Thousand Times

Karla Jacinto
Pity a Girl Raped By 43 Thousand Times
He is Karla Jacinto ( 23 ) which is a victim of human trafficking who have managed to escape from its sale. Karla claimed , during the four years he traded , he had 43,000 times the airport lust depraved men forcibly .

The incident began when he was 12 years old and was waiting for her at the subway station .
And suddenly someone approached him , then smother him until he was unconscious . 
When he came , Joseph was already in the hands of traffickers .

" I never felt that her name moved towns , budget hotels , brothels , homes and on the streets. 
Every day I serve about 30 people , " said Karla , as reported by the Daily Mail ( 11.12.15 ) .
The poor girl said she was forced to serve the man's depraved lust for 7 days a week and always continue 
for 4 years . Karla revealed that his mother was the mastermind he is traded .

Karla was rescued by anti - trafficking operations of Mexico in 2008. At that time he was 16 years old .
And now at the age of 23 years moved , Karla became an advocate against human trafficking 
and a speaker at public events . Earlier this year , Francis Joseph met with the Pope at the Vatican and 
also in the United States Congress to tell the story pilunya in the past.

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