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7 Youngest Mother In The World From Different Countries

7 Youngest Mother In The World From Different Countries
Valentina Isavea

7 Youngest Mother In The World From Different Countries
A mother was not necessarily old , the article a little girl has become a mother at the age that is still very early , so it is referred to as the world's youngest mother . Some of the little girl who became a mother , turned out to be victims of rape and a number of them also with the couple , who married in a very small age . However , although still small it turned out they were able to feed their babies breast away from adult mothers condition .

The following 7 youngest mother in the world originating from various countries :

1. Vanessa Lina Medina , the world's youngest mother who came from Peru America . At the age of 5 years he 
was already a mother of a little girl named Ticrapo . At the time Medina was taken to the hospital by her parents
 because they thought that if his son was undergoing tumor. However , having examined this girl was 7 months 
pregnant and her parents do not believe to bring Medina to 5 specialists . Of the five doctors the results obtained 
are the same , and that is where his mother believes if her pregnancy. Melina never admitted who have done
 things that bad. And until now not known who the father of her little baby .

2. Yelizaveta Liza Gryshchenko , a girl or woman who is often called Liza . The little girl who just turned 5 
this year became the second youngest mother . Liza confessed that she had been raped by an old man who is 
already 69 years old . When I heard this story may feel sad article that small children have become victims 
of immorality .

3. The Girl with the initials " H " , which originated from India is the youngest mother at the age of 6 years . Age is very small making this beautiful boy should dicessar to remove the baby in the womb . In addition , children also still had breasts small enough so find it difficult to breastfeed . However , even so the child is able to feed the baby until the age of 9 months . Until now not known who impregnates her 6 -year-old .

4. Leyla Mafi , 8 -year -old girl who was recorded as the mother temuda in the world . Her mother did not 
know who had impregnated the child. The reason, he is a child who is mentally retarded and every day just 
being a pickpocket . His mother Leyla exploit to steal money or other people's wallets . 8 year old girl is 
successfully delivered the tiny infant in the normal way and weighs 3.5 kg .

5. Zeina , an orphan boy 8 years old impregnated by males aged 60 years . The child lived with his grandmother 
because his parents had died. The grandmother began to suspect posture Zeina who until finally checked into 
the doctor and positive pregnant 6 months . Zeina claimed to have been raped by the man who rented the room 
at home grandmother.

6. Valentina Isavea , is the youngest mother was 11 years old . This girl is pregnant with her boyfriend who is 
a boarding school boys at his home. Secretly he had sex when her parents were not home .

7. Emma , the youngest mother was 14 years old and married to Sean , who was only 12 years old . 
The youngest couple in the world turned out to be a record breaker as the youngest mother and youngest 
father in the world .

That's 7 the youngest mother in the world to the couple as well as the youngest survivors of sexual violence early age .

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