7 Youngest Dad In The World, Touted as the father probably what occurred is a person, who comes of age and have children after holding a wedding period.

Alfie Patten

7 Youngest Dad In The World, Touted as the father probably what occurred is a person, who comes of age and have children after holding a wedding period.

However, what if the so-called father of the youngest in the world ?, apparently not everyone who has become a father that has a mature age.

The reason, of various countries there are a number of people who were aged very easily have become a father but have not been able to work.

The following 7 youngest father in the world that comes from a number of countries in this hemisphere:

1. Sean Stewart, is a boy who was only 12 years old but has become a father. Sean got married at the age of 12 years with a woman named Emma who was then 16 years old. Ben, a baby name of the partner Sean Stewart and Emma and recorded as the world's youngest post. However, it was six years later, the couple separated and live independently. After her 12-year-old Emma remarried to another man, and to this day Ben lived with her mother and stepfather. While Sean, still unmarried after her split with Emma.

2. Alfie Patten, the youngest father in the world who were aged 13 years. This boy claimed to have free sex with his girlfriend Chantelle Steadman who was 15 years old. Until finally, Chantelle gave birth to a son whom they named Maisie Raxanne. Despite giving birth at a young age, it turns out the baby is not premature that weighs 3.5 kg. Case menjad Alfie father at the age of 13 became a big debate in the United Kingdom.

3. 13-year boy from Bahrain that is not explicitly clear his name turned out to impregnate a TKI. According to the case the boy had raped her employer of domestic workers at home. The boy was none other than the grandson of the employer. During her pregnancy she continued to work them at home and went smoothly when giving birth in her employer's bathroom. Since then, the boy has become the youngest fathers of the country.

4. Gheorghe Mecic a teenage boy comes from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain who became a father at the age was 13 years with his partner who is also young Chiritescu named Elena who was then 10 years old.

5. Habibula Patahonov, the father of the youngest was 15 years old. At first the boy was just a fad to tempt daughter named Valentina. However, without realizing he had done something very fatal and make Valentina pregnant. At that time Valentina was 11 years old that besides Habibula who became the youngest father Valentina also became the youngest mother in Russia.

6. John, had impregnated the girl is only 10 years old in the village, and is good at doing sex with various men. Which is not known whereabouts.

7. Micael, a handsome man who also has become one of the youngest father in the world.

That's 7 youngest father in the world who are involved in free sex and became the youngest partner in the history of all time.
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