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7 Thugs Famous in Indonesia

7 Thugs Famous in Indonesia

Thugs , is someone who has an evil behavior to others . These thugs always makes many people uncomfortable . Because the people who become thugs that have no conscience so that it will behave inconsequential start robbing , killing , until the number of activities that the other violations .

In Indonesia , there are a lot of thugs who always dressed pretentious rooster . From many of these 
thugs some of them successfully listed as a thug known in Indonesia , who have committed various
 criminal action .
Here are seven well-known thug in Indonesia are derived from a number of areas :

1. Hercules , took first place as a thug known in Indonesia. Hercules in Jakarta abang ground thug 
who often make chaos . Almost every night Hercules always fights with other thugs . Pembacokan 
often happens on the ground brother . Even once Hercules ever hacked and finally into ICU . 
Although he was unconscious for 1 week turned out to be a thug is also not died . Likewise, when 
shot eyes penetrating up head gets behind him he did not die just unconscious a few hours. 
According to the story does have a thug in immune science , derived from the Bedouin swordsman .

2. Olo Panggabean , ranks second as a thug known in Indonesia. Men born in North Tapanuli this 
extremely violent behavior . The big thug has been troubling the public for several years. Olo has 
done muggings , robberies , until pembacokan other thugs . Many people are afraid to go out the 
night for fear it until terbegal by Olo Panggabean .

3. John Kei , also known as the big boss is coming from North Maluku . Jhon began managing its 
business as a debt collector or the creditor . John Kei , is widely used by debt collection services for 
Jhon always give threat to kill if the debt is not paid billed . In fact, a number of owners of debt 
have been hurt because often late in paying debts dijasa he was holding. So that these thugs the 
more famous of years .

4. Sangaji Basri , a group of thugs who've jazz whiz group in Jakarta . However , the group was 
killed because of sectarian thugs attack in 2000 ago .

5. Zakaria Sabon , a sadistic thug fifth renowned for having done several times mutilation kill his 
opponent . Many people are troubled by this group of thugs .

6. Talib Makarim , well-known thugs who came from the East. These thugs , master elite entertainment 
center so if you feel like it will be committing a crime directly.

7. Dicky Ambon , is a well-known and successful thugs arrested by the police . This thug has 
committed a crime for repeatedly . In 2007 he was arrested for rape .

That 7 thugs known in Indonesia who have committed various crimes in the community.

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