Rapist , is someone who commits sexual harassment . These men , could do the sexual abuse of men or women . Almost every country is always a case

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7 Rapist harshest In The World
Albert DeSalvo 
Rapist , is someone who commits sexual harassment . These men , could do the sexual abuse of men or women . Almost every country is always a case of rape .
In fact , cases of sexual harassment have always been shocking the world . So that could be concluded if various countries there are many rapists are high -spirited sexuality . Of the rapist - rapists , some of which was recorded as a rapist harshest in the world who could do things on the sadistic rape victims .
Here are 7 rapist harshest in the world coming from various countries :

1.      Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer , the first position as the harshest in the world rapists who have 
committed sexual abuse on males . Jeffrey , sexual harassment in sequence until he is excited
 to rape the corpse . In fact , Dahmer bear mutilated victims of rape and then eat the flesh of the 
mutilation . Since the age of 18 years , Dahmer had become rapists almost 95 % are male . 
His actions are very perverted makes Dahmer was sentenced to 14 years with killings and rape .
2.      Ten Bundy , was the most violent rapist who would steal the victim was raped and killed the 
victim . As many as 30 young women who successfully kidnapped and then raped and eventually 
killed by sadistic . The corpses of the murdered woman kept in her home and raped back . 
Although it was rotten Bundy still perform actions that deviate .
3.      Albert DeSalvo , the rapist crudest well as a killer . DeSalvo , already made ​​several immoral 
acts which then kills the victim suffocating sacrilegious manner . DeSalvo was experiencing a 
mental disorder until finally convicted of a lifetime .
4.      Albert Fish , the most violent rapists who commit sexual abuse of boys . 
Albert Fish , perform actions that deviate by kidnapping a small child and then raped her. 
After the child was raped tortured so cruelly . 
Even highly disturbed his mental condition makes self Albert drink 
urine to eat their own stool .
          5.      Andrei Chikatilo , rapist cruellest ever commit immoral acts in some women .
         Cruel rape begins with sexual harassment at the new girl was 9 years old .
         After this little girl was raped , Andrei eventually kill the girl with a suffocating way.
6.      Gary Heidnik , a serial rapist who successfully executes in 1999. Gary has done some immoral 
act and then mutilated the victim's body to be used as food .
7.      John Wayne Gacy , who became a killer rapist corpse harshest in the world. John Wayne , 
this would kidnap the women and then kill him . If already a corpse he had to perform an action 
with raping corpses lying lifeless at his home.

That 7 rapist harshest in the world ever to perform an action in the last few years .

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