7 Fruit rarest In The World Fruits became one of the healthy foods that contain lots of vitamins beneficial to human body .

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7 Fruit rarest In The World
Fruits became one of the healthy foods that contain lots of vitamins beneficial to human body . However , of the many kinds of fruits some of which are listed as the world's rarest of the rarest pieces in the form and its population is very small. Moreover, this rare fruit has a strange look and could not be found in all countries.

Here are 7 pieces of the rarest in the world is quite difficult to breed :

1. Fruit Hand of Buddha , is the fruit of the strangest and rarest fruits in the 
world . The fruit has a shape like the fingers were found in Asia . However 
thick skin , flesh very little . Yellow fruit is not edible so it is only used 
as fragrances, room only. The Japanese and Chinese have long used this fruit as 
a natural fragrance that is capable of causing the smell to a dry condition .

2. Noni Fruit , or noni fruit that has a strange form with berbentol black bumps 
like skin , bitten by ants . Noni is a fruit native to Southeast Asia that has 
many benefits in health . Breeding is not easy so if you want to plant noni tree 
must prepare a variety of appropriate media in order to grow and develop properly .
3. Monster Deliciosa , fruit berhabitat rarest native Mexico . 
This tree can grow up to 20 meters and the fruit can reach a 
length of up to 25 cm . Texture leaves as cobra and the make this fruit can be 
used as a cure snake bites . Can not live area is too hot or too cold so touted 
as the plant that is difficult, to breed .
4. Fruit Ihau , a rare fruit that looks like a cat's eye . The fruit is native to 
Kalimantan Indonesia that its population is already threatened with extinction. 
The number of people who cut down this tree makes the fruit Ihau not easily found 
in every season .
5. Watermelon Box , a rare fruit that can only be found in Japan. Agricultural 
scientists in Japan managed to cross two species of watermelon so as to produce 
a box-shaped watermelon . It's still the same as the watermelon - watermelon round
 just strange shape and was able to make this fruit becomes very expensive .
6. Pumpkin Bottle , a rare fruit that grows in Asia and used as a vegetable . 
The fruit is shaped exactly to the bottle that has a light green color . 
Pumpkin bottle , it can not live in all types of soil and will thrive in the 
highlands with cold climates .
7. Fruit Bemotong , recorded as the rarest pieces in the emerging world are 
clustered at the base of the stem . The color looks brownish oval shape like a 
small lamp . Its texture is almost like duku only it was bigger .

That is 7 pieces of the world's rarest living since prehistoric times until today .

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