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7 Cigarette Most Expensive Indonesia

Rokok Ardath

7 Cigarette Most Expensive Indonesia

Smoking seemed to be a mandatory requirement for many people. Cigarettes, not only consumed for men only but, some women with promiscuity also scope to take up smoking every day.
In fact, these cigarettes contain chemicals that are very harmful to the body. Of the many types of cigarettes in Indonesia, some of which are listed as the most expensive cigarettes in Indonesia. Although, it was expensive cigarettes are still sold well for many people who need them.
Here are the seven most expensive cigarettes in Indonesia that he had good taste:

1. Marlboro Red 20, took first place as the most expensive cigarettes in Indonesia. Since a few years is known as Marlboro cigarettes expensive. Cigarette filters are often consumed by the upper classes considering the price is quite expensive. To obtain 1 packrokok Marlboro you need to pay 17 thousand rupiah. This certainly makes a coolie mind to buy it in one day because their salaries are only 30 thousand. So the majority of Marlboro cigarettes consumed for the rich.

2. Dunhill Red 20, ranks second as the retail price of cigarettes is the most expensive. Where, Dunhill is sold retail at a price of 16 thousand rupiah so that it can be considered a waste for those whose lives are mediocre. Cigarettes are still a favorite of many young people, especially for those whose prestige if it had to buy cheap cigarettes.

3. Ardath Light 20, is the third most expensive cigarettes that retails at Rp. 15,500. Ardath also a favorite cigarettes for young people, many who said that if the cigarette has a distinctive flavor. In fact, for the people around Ardath cigarettes have enough aroma subducting chest even some people will feel shortness of breath if you inhale cigarette smoke Ardart this.

4. Cigarettes Lucky Strike Filter 20, is the fourth most expensive cigarettes that retails 15 thousand rupiah. These cigarettes have extensive marketing with relatively high interest. Even once conducted a survey to store cigarettes, that in one day Lucky Strike minimal sold 10 packs. This is due to high demand these cigarettes originating from various circles.

5. Gudang Garam Surya 16, finished fifth as the most expensive cigarettes in Indonesia that retails reached 15 thousand rupiah.

6. Country Red 20, finished fifth as the most expensive cigarettes in Indonesia. These cigarettes have a market price of Rp. 13,500 which is often consumed by many people of all ages.

7. Pall Mall Filter 20, is the sixth most expensive cigarette with a retail price of 13 thousand rupiah. 
Pall Mall cigarette filter, often referred to as non palatable by many men. So far the cigarette is still being sold well.

That's the seventh most expensive cigarettes in Indonesia, which until now still being sold is in demand.

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