7 Animal vicious in the world Across the world, there are hundreds of species of animals that live from ancient times to the present.

7 Animal vicious in the world

7 Animal vicious in the world        
Across the world, there are hundreds of species of animals that live from ancient times to the present. Of the many types are apparently not all the animals that are benign and various liver in humans . Because some of them are animals that have a soul tempered and will eat when he feels uncomfortable . So that the number of animals that have a high prey soul categorized as a vicious animal in the world , which is endangering the lives of others either human or other animals .

Here are 7 Animals vicious in the world , some of which are still alive today :

1. baboon , is a kind of vicious monkeys ever discovered in the mountains of Ethiopia . 
This monkey has a flat face with her hair streaked like a forest but a smaller body size . 
These monkeys only eat grass however , will continue to prey when he was disturbed by an attack 
by his fingernails .

2. Gorilla , are ancient animals became protected species in the world. Gorilla has enormous body may weigh 200 kg with incredible strength . Gorilla is a vicious animal in the world because it will attack prey that endanger the lives of his family members that other small monkeys .

3. Kesagake , a vicious animal in the world is still a wild animal in Japan. This animal is a human 
predators by nature brutal that the direct spending of individual lives and then eat the meat to the bone .
 Until now, they still live in the forests of Japan should be wary when viewed traces Kesagake or a
 giant black bear .

4. The Bear Of Mysore , vicious animal that exists in India . Initially , this bears only eat fruits and 
small animals such as lizards , fish or lizard . However , after being shot by a man bears have become
 aggressive and continue to take revenge on humans until there were 24 victims died from a bear attack
 this .

5. Bull American , the most ferocious animals ever found in the Americas . These herbivorous animals
 have a body that is so large that the animals listed as one of the giants in the world . This vicious 
animal , it is difficult to be tamed if not trained since childhood .

6. Cassowary , is the world's largest bird that became the most ferocious predator . This bird is capable 
of killing a man with a beak and nails relying on his legs . Aggressive nature will be demonstrated 
when he began to be attacked by humans .

7. Hippos , is a vicious animal of all herbivores in Africa . Hippos , this is a man-eating animals that 
have lived since ancient civilizations .

That's 7 vicious animal in the world that are still protected and kept reproductively until today .

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