Jumat, 04 September 2015

On Sale scales of scaly anteater from West Borneo

On Sale scales of scaly anteater from West Borneo, I’m sell special scales of scaly anteater from West Borneo for you gift brought back from a trip. You can gift your wife or your son. Scales of scaly anteater can make medicane herbal etc. You can see it this foto below.

If you interested, you can call me or sms me, my nomer HP under here:
1. Simpati: 081 345 904 965,
2. As: 0852 4571 6578,
3. M3: 0857 2738 8113
4. PIN BB: 5483eadd
5. FB: antssugi
You can transfer money to my nomer rekening; this my nomer rekening:
No Rekening 3478-01-027191-53-3, behalf  Sugianto, BRI Unit Singkawang Kota.

Price or cost from each sheet complet 10.000.000, (ten million) for one kg. I send this scales of scaly anteater to your house about 3 or 4 days. I send via JNE, casually 3 or 4 days, arrive your house. Possible I send your house with pos Indonesia, and for cost send (handling fee) depend destination or your city, and your pay to me with that three million up. (so 10.000.000 (ten million) + handling fee (100.000) one hundred rupiah) for on city (Indonesia). If your other contry maybe cost is very expensive, I must consultation with Pos Indonecia. Don’t be wary with me, your package will arrive your house son. Maybe you stay in Malaysia, Brunai, Singapura, Thailand or USA, etc. Call or sms me now……….. I waiting you sir, miss………. You can see ficture scales of scaly anteater this bellowed.  

Don’t forgete call or sms me…………

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