The name has started to be recognized as Bali and Yogyakarta. The tourists called it The City of Thousand Temples. The Government

“The Scent of City of a Thosand Temples in West Borneo Singkawang City ”
Seribu kuil di Singkawang
The name has started to be recognized as Bali and Yogyakarta. The tourists called it The City of Thousand Temples. The Government of West Kalimantan Province then assigned Singkawang as the most important city in tourism destination. Singkawang is the only city that ready for the West Kalimantan Tourist at last Year 2010. It is the city which has been endowed with montains, valley, hills, plains, bays and beaches. Singkawang which had been awarded with a long history about diversity, the mix of unique cultures (Chinese, Dayak, and Malay). Singkawang which always setting up: has ready ti give an unforgettable cultural journey and tourism surprises.      

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Imagine a city with the scent of aloes. Showered with tropical sun shine, the mountain and the seashore breezes, the street of the city are decorated with temple roofs, traditional shops with Chinese architecture intimately alongside the mosques and churches. The fragrant of aloes in this “City of a Thousand Temples” is always staying throughout the day. A small city area of 50.400 hektares with a distance of approximately 147 kilometres from the capital of the Province (Pontianak), and can be reached by 3 hours drive, is a main tourism city for West Kalimantan.

Pesta Gawai
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One of the main attracts the name Singkawang was stood out and known worldwide is because it has Cap Go Meh Festival which is very unique and cannot be found in any other part of the world. “Singkawang Cap Go Meh Festival” is a representation of a mixture of rituals, culture, and art from the Chinese ethnics which acculturated with Dayak and Malay. Hundreds of Tatung (tatung is someone who has particular gift of supernatural power) would line up on the streets of the city on the highlight of this festival, casting away evil sprits by demonstrating invisible forces, down to the magnificent and solemn offering aisle. This is a big pilgrimage for the ancestors, a visit of hospitality for the birthplace, and a reflection of a big heart. Because of the uniqueness and its greatness, thousands of  tourists (local and foregn) mingle with the pilgrims from all around the country who came to commemorate their birthplace, would make the whole city packed for days.

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We could also feel the exotic nuances at nigh by exploring the “Hongkong Market” under city lights dimmed. browsing various options of tasty traditional Singkawang foods, such: Kin Ci Pan (special fried Kwee Tiaw without meat) wrapped in tantalizing Simpur leaf, Juhi Kangkung (watercress with squid), Juhi Bakar (grilled squid), Nasi Bambu (bamboo rice), Nasi Ketan Kantong Semar, Bubur Tahu (Tofu Porridge), Bubur Gunting, Singkawang style Fried Banana, Bubur Ikan (Fish Porridge), Bubur Babi (Pork Porridge), various snacks, and much more traditional foods. Various delicious drinks also available here, such as: Liang Tea, Iced Lime, Ice Nam Mong, Ice Parut, Es Cendol, Pacar Cina, Ice Lidah Buaya (aloe vera ice), Balys, Ice Asam Maram, and much more. 

Pasar Hongkong
Melayu Dayak Tionghoa (MeDaTi)
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“Visit to Singkawang City West Kalimantan Indonesia, we have your enjoyed”.  
Welcom to Indonesia “The Scent of City of a Thosand Temples West Borneo Singkawang City ”.
Bubur Babi

Busana Batik Melayu
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